Self-taught photographer/digital artist from Drammen now based in Asker, Norway.

I started experimenting with creative photography only a few years back, but it felt like I suddenly had recovered a huge missing part of my life. Not that I really knew anything was missing in the first place, but still – I feel so fortunate to have this passion in my life now. I forget time and place when I am conceptualizing, photographing and editing. Its like I get lost in my own inner world, only to resurface newly energized with a wonderful feeling of purpose after its all done.

Creating conceptual images is for me a way to express myself. It is very much a personal endeavor, but I am also very inspired by the thought that someone else might find meaning, inspiration or simply be moved in some way by my work.   

My images are all concept-based and come from a specific idea or feeling. However I want the viewer to relate in their own reference. Making it open to be interpreted by whoever is looking. Mirroring everything else in life really. We can all be looking at the same thing, but our experiences are as different as the number of people watching.

I divide my work into 2 genres. Although it all stems from the same place of inspiration, one side is more clear photographic work. The other side is much more processed with different layers and surrealism, creating a more painterly, whimsical and mysterious expression.

My themes usually revolve around hope, courage, strength and finding beauty in darkness . Also transformation and moving forward.

Besides this I also sometimes do commisioned portraits and fairytale-inspired photography. I love the creative part of making an image just a little more magical than what comes straight out of camera. If you are interested in booking me for a shoot or even some photoshopwork, you can reach me through the contact form.


Linda :)