Selv-taught photo artist from Drammen now based in Trondheim, Norway.

I make conceptual fine art images mostly based on self-portraiture. My passion for storytelling imagery started when I began creating as a way to self-express. 

I create by photographing the elements needed, then move on to photoshop, compositing the different elements and textures together. My images have been described as surreal, mysterious and painterly.

You can also find some conceptual photographs in the gallery and online store. These are as well based on a given idea, thought, feeling I want to convey through the picture.

Although each piece have a story behind it, I want the viewer to be able to connect in referece to their own. Leaving it as “an open story”.

Besides this I also do portraits and fairytale-inspired photography. I love the creative part of making an image just a little more magical than what comes straight out of camera. If you are interested in booking me for a shoot or even some photoshopwork, you can reach me through the contact form.


Linda :)